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PicoPad Wallet Notes
  • sticky notes
  • mini pen
  • credit card sized
  • fits in your wallet

Features & Benefits

Desk To Wallet
Everyone has an office desk, kitchen drawer or stationery cabinet full of pens, notebooks and paper pads. Sure, they come in handy at home and work, but how many times have you found yourself on-the-go and in need of something to write with? You either have a pen and no paper, or the back of a receipt and no pen. From social situations to random thoughts that need to be captured, those crazy days of being unprepared are over. Introducing PicoPad® Wallet Notes®: a tiny pen and a pad of tacky notes contained in a stylish case, all of which conveniently fits in your wallet.

Why? No batteries. Inexpensive. Stylish. Practical. Simple.

Thin is in, my friend. That's what allows you to now take pen and paper with you everywhere, without having to think about it. It's not meant to be your everyday notebook. It's definitely not meant to be your everyday pen. Think of it like the sun visor in your car. When was the last time you thought of that?! Maybe you only use it about 10% of the time while driving, but aren't you glad it's there when the sun would otherwise be burning your retinas? So obvious and simple, yet completely useful. You normally don't even notice it, but it's there when you need it.

Sticky Notes
Open up the cover of your PicoPad® Wallet Notes®, and you'll find 15 refillable sticky notes and mini pen.

Why sticky notes? If you're using them as reminders, stick them where you'll see them: on your wallet, on a window, laptop screen, etc. You can also use the top inside cover to store your saved notes (highly useful when finally scoring those digits at the bar). They provide you with more versatility when you're out and about.
Mini Pen
The pen is the heart of the PicoPad®. Its unique design allows it to store compactly to fit in your wallet, yet it's still comfortable during use.

Remove the pen from the case using the thin wings Flexigrip™. This grip opens up as shown and conforms nicely to the contour of your fingers, providing a soft but stable grasp. The flexible nature of the grip allows a large surface area while writing, yet it folds easily for compact storage in its case.
Comfort Nub
The comfort nub on the back of the pen makes it, well, more comfortable to write. If you anchor the pen underneath your hand as shown, you get better stability while writing, and you can keep a relaxed grip. Try it out; see if it works for you. Otherwise, hold the pen however you like!
Credit Card Sized
PicoPad Wallet Notes® are credit card-sized, so they conveniently fit in your wallet (or purse, pocket, or any useful location). Never go without pen and paper again!
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